Intelligent home appliance factory one-stop solution

CEI provides the customers of home appliances industry with closed-loop services of the whole industry chain covering from product technology R&D support, factory planning, electromechanical project EPC, home appliance manufacturing and test equipment manufacturing to customized parts supply, as well as specialized customized services of the intelligent manufacturing system. Its projects cover over 30 countries and regions along the Belt and Road, and it has provided services for most of the home appliance brands.

Project cases

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Whole-factory planning and EPC

Based on the customers’ workshop, capacity, product , budget and other requirements, CEI provides reasonable and feasible proposal, excellent equipment and services and one-stop solutions with its improved design and R&D system .

Sheet metal automatic line

Sheet metal automatic line of refrigerator outer/inner shell
Sheet metal automatic line of freezer outer/inner shell
Sheet metal automatic line of washing machine outer/inner shell

Vacuum forming machine

It is a special equipment for manufacturing the refrigerator inner liner. Based on the budget and cycle time, single station, double-station, three-station and multi-station are available for option.

Foaming line (dry part)

It is a special automatic equipment for refrigerator foaming. it is used to fix the refrigerator cabinet or door during the foaming process ,the straight-line type and the ground-rail type are available for option.

Performance testing system of home appliances

Automatic testing on performance, safety, electrical and other parameters of home appliances during operation, complete the data collection, judgment, storage and statistical query, and connect to the production control system.

Public facilities

Based on the requirements of electromechanical equipment in the factory, set up necessary public facilities, including water, gas and power supply, exhaust system and waste gas treatment facilities.

Performance testing room

It is a testing room to test the performance of home appliances as per the international and domestic standards, including IEC\ISO\GB standards, and it is mainly used for product development, sampling testing and third-party testing.

EMC laboratory

EMC laboratory is used to test whether the products, equipment and systems meet the requirements under electromagnetic environment, and whether they produce intolerable electromagnetic interference to the equipment in the environment.

Robot application

In some positions on the automatic production line of home appliances (such as assembly, security inspection, packaging, stacking), robots are used to replace manual operations.

Product technology R&D support

It can provide support services for the whole product technology R&D process covering from market research, design orientation, industrial design, technical design, mold design, product testing, CKD supply to production technical guidance.

Customized parts (CKD bulk supply)

Considering that some overseas customers have no access to necessary parts in the countries, for the home appliance industry, CEI also provides such customers with supporting services, including mold design and manufacturing, CKD parts supply.


complete core manufacturing system

Guangzhou Kinte Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
International Marketing Center
Home Appliance Design and Development Center
Painting Workshop R&D and Manufacturing Base
Home Appliance Domestic Sales Center
Performance Test Equipment R&D and Manufacturing Base for Home Appliance
Laboratory R&D and Manufacturing Base
Design and R&D Center for Whole-Home Appliance Factory Planning and Project EPC
Polyurethane Foaming Equipment R&D and Manufacturing Base
Robot and Intelligent Equipment R&D and Manufacturing Base
Anhui Kinte Weijia Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
R&D and manufacturing base of metal plate line, vacuum forming machine and foaming equipment
Guangzhou Kinte Desheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
Manufacturing base of production line, testing line and logistics equipment
Guangzhou Kinte Hengshen Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
Welding equipment R&D and manufacturing base
Guangdong Kinte Yueding Mold Co., Ltd.
Mold design and manufacturing base

Rich engineering experience

Undertake the first intelligent home appliance factory project in India
Complete over 300 turnkey projects
Customers from over 30 countries and regions

Improved service system

In China: Headquartered in Guangzhou, CEI has set up offices in Wuhan, Chuzhou, Jiaxing, Lanzhou production bases and Beijing, capable of providing field services at any time.
Overseas: CEI has agents and after-sales service departments in India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, Algeria and Pakistan.
Marketing Center: 24-hour telephone and email service.